Amulet Project

This week in Textiles, I started a new project that is based on the idea of an Amulet. Amulets are often small items that a person may wear or carry with them to protect themselves from evil and to also ward off negative harmful energy. One motif that I immediately recognize is the Evil Eye, which is a small charm that is said to ward off the evil glare that may be cast upon someone unknowingly. Very popular in West Asia and Mediterranean countries the evil eye is also a common souvenir choice for tourists. But of course within other countries and cultures the eye symbol also pops up frequently depicting similar things and used to decorate garments and adorn peoples homes to protect them.

To Ward-off the Evil Eye
People wear the Evil Eye to ward off the Evil Eye

I am particularly drawn to the very bright and vibrant use of royal and navy blue tones which are unmistakably associated with qualities such as prosperity and a healthy and long life, which the Evil Eye helps to bring. Furthermore, the use of glass beads and similar sheer qualities is something that I feel helps to add another sense of magic to these charms as the light that passes through helps to cast beautifully coloured shadows, which could be really interesting to explore further within my research.


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