Childhood Amulet

After having more time to think about my subject matter within the new Amulet project, I quickly found that I didn’t have that many ideas to lead off from the Evil Eye I originally wanted to base my project on. And so taking some time to step back and really brainstorm I thought about something that would be much more universal: our childhood.

More specifically the toys, memories and other characteristics that are associated with the experience of growing up as a young child. I think that no matter how old we are, as soon as you find something from when you were much younger there is a great sense of nostalgia that is thrust upon us involuntarily, and this feeling is what I want to base my project on.

I’m grateful for my two older siblings because for me, I was able to have a full childhood with plenty of toys and companionship that I shared with them. Because I have two older brothers, a lot of the toys and games we played with are gender neutral and have a strong colour scheme of red, yellow and blue. Just some of the toys that we used to play with include Lego, alphabet magnets and board games, which is pretty universal for everyone.



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