Developments: Prof Practice

After discovering that Smartie boxes where the perfect size for all of my pieces to fit into, I began to buy absolutely loads of family packs from Lidl. Because each of the items I have collected are so small, I originally wanted to create quite a large piece that would fill the entire space of a wall, allowing viewers to be totally immersed in the experience. However, as there are only 18 boxes in each family pack, I have found that the cost of making my final piece; both in terms of money and time, has been something that I have underestimated and I did not really consider at the beginning of this process. Also, I am finding it a little challenging to come across an array of children’s items that fit into my colour theme of red, blue and yellow, so I have started to incorporate more neutral colours such as silver, light brown and cream to break up the overall look of the piece more.

Other qualities that I am considering, is how I am going to display all of these boxes together and what I can use to attach each of the pieces together; or perhaps building a deep box-frame to place them all inside of, as I have found from previous experiments, that using a glue gun is not strong or reliable at all. Furthermore, another decision is whether or not to have a sheet of glass or acrylic over the front of the entire piece to protect all of the pieces. Making process.jpg


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