Professional Practice

Today I went into the wood workshop to build my deep box-frame, in which all 140 of my small filled Smartie boxes would be placed inside perfectly. Measuring along the outside edge of the boxes total height and length, I cut the appropriate sized pieces of wood. I am so incredibly pleased with how the frame has turned out and the way that all of the boxes fit amazingly well!

I decided against the idea of having a sheet of acrylic or glass over the front of the entire piece, as I felt that it took away that sense of interest in looking closer and almost touching the small items inside that in turn make up the entire piece. I also felt that if any of the objects I had placed inside each of the smaller boxes, were to fall out for whatever reason then it would be a lot more difficult to fix. Other reasons include the fact that I also decided to leave the boxes loose, and not stuck down to the back board of the frame, so that the option to take a box out or rearrange the order was there as well if you so wished.


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